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DIY Chalkboard Deer Wreath

Deer and moose are totally in this season. I’ve seen them all over, but mostly in regards to fashion and home decor.

When I found this deer wreath form at Michael’s, I knew I had to get it. Conveniently, right next to it I found Christmas sequins…SCORE! Then I thought, ohhhhh shiiitttt, I have Christmas green chalkboard spray paint at home. Recipe for DIY greatness.

With all the key elements in hand, I decided to wing it with this one. No pinterest, no blog inspiration…nothin’. Just straight up creative thoughts and skillz. Here’s a rundown:Read More »

Regina George | Mean Girls Gif

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Basic Babes

Today’s the day before Halloween, so it’s really getting down to the wire in terms of putting together a Halloween costume. No way in hell you have time to order anything online, so you’re either left to buying something from the store or getting crafty. And come on…getting crafty is way more fun! Here are a few simple ideas for all you basic babes looking for a quick, easy and cute diy halloween costume!

An Animal

You name the animal, and somewhere in Party City there will be a headband ear set for it! Or you can make that part yourself too! Animals are simple because for the most part, it’s a solid colored outfit, and the accessories…ears, nail, maybe a nose. Here are some of my faves:


Polyvore | DIY Halloween Costume | Meow Cat


 Polyvore | DIY Halloween Costume | Deer

Polyvore | DIY Halloween Costume | Bunny Rabbit

Want to be a real party animal? Check out Lauren Conrad and her gal pal’s party animal costumes for this year!Lauren Conrad | Party Animals | DIY Halloween Costumes

Regina George

Regina George | Mean Girls Gif

Although the plastics were animals themselves for Halloween, you could always channel a more literal Mean Girls Halloween costume. Think Regina George post-gym class. Super simple. All you need is a white tank, black skirt, purple bra, black pumps and some scissors. Add an R rhinestone necklace to make it legit.

DIY Halloween Costume | Regina George | Mean Girls

Sports Players

Do you have a boyfriend…even a brother or a dad? Steal one of their sports jerseys, pair some cute high socks, and things in matching colors and call it a day gals. Easy peazy. Might even help you catch a boy while you’re out!

Polyvore | DIY Halloween Costume | Baseball Player
FootballPolyvore | DIY Halloween Costumes | Buffallo Bills Football


One time I was a mermaid. The pro to this costume: I was super comfy. The con (and kinda pro, too): I felt was half naked. You can totally make this more conservative, wearing a crop top or even a full shirt. But my friend was nice enough to bedazzle this aqua bra, so how could I not show it off? #Boobs

I added a little belly coverage (if you could call it that) with some mesh rope netting. Along with some draped over my maxi skirt. I’d show you a pic of the whole outfit if I could, but honestly, I was drunk and forgot to take a full length pic. This selfie will have to do!

Halloween Costume | DIY Mermaid Makeup

I think the most fun part of this costume was the makeup! I got sticker rhinestones from Michael’s, and used a variety of different eyeshadow colors. In order to create a “scaly” look, I first used eyeshadow primer, then held part of a fishnet stocking over it, applied the eyeshadow, and BOOM, I have mermaid scales. Here’s a better explanation of how to achieve this look (or probably a lot better) from Sophie’s Makeup Blog.

Polyvore | DIY Halloween Costume | Mermaid


The witch it the OG of Basic Costumes. You can be a witch at any age, and sass it up to any level you’d like. Black dress √ Black shoes √ Grab your moms broom, a pointy hat and you’re golden. If you want to go all out, incorporate green makeup and be super spooky!Polyvore | DIY Halloween Costume | Witch

Need some witchy makeup ideas? Check some out here or here!

Happy Halloween!

Love Always, Brook ❤