About Me

I’m your typical “20 something” first time blogger who will be talking about all things basic. Want a yoga pant review, or an idea for your next order at Starbucks? Maybe you’re looking for a DIY stain remover recipe for your Ugg Boots. You’ve came to the right place. Why? Because you know you love that shit, so you might as well embrace it.

I’m a baby yogi, #FitFam (wannabe), Dog Mom, and a total basic girl who will take pics of my food till the day I die. I like to pretend I’m fashionable and sometimes I make it out of the house with mascara on. When I’m not working, sleeping or stuffing my face you can usually find my playing beach volleyball or hangin with my boo.

Oh, I also love babies, beaches, puppies, whiskey, fresh sheets after shaving my legs, chocolate, gardening (on my apartment windowsill), hot & humid weather, being nice & smiling, [food]festivals, Jeopardy, red wine, white wine, blush wine, all variant colors of wine, whining, wine cork diy projects…oh and wine.

Love Always, Brook ❤

PS. I occasionally get free stuff from companies/brands to test out and review. Trust me, I’ll tell you straight up if it sucks 😉 All gifted items will be marked with an asterisk*


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