Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts for Her

Ladies, we all know that men are basically inept when it comes to… most things. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I figured you could use some help showing him what to get. I strategically created this guide to be short, sweet and to the point (much less extensive than my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him). It’s also being posted the week of V-Day because well all know that they probably haven’t gotten you anything yet (Saturday plans…). Hopefully, that means if you leave this window open, or maybe print it and leave it laying around… or “accidentally” copy and paste the URL and send it to him… he will have the capacity to look at it and make a good gift decision. But again, we can only hope.
Valentine's Day Gifts for Her


Second to puppies, diamonds are a girls best friend. Okay, so he doesn’t have to get you diamonds…especially if this relationship is new…but jewelry is always nice!

Love all of these and also these customizable ones.


Something sexy and sweet to wear for late night V-day 😉 Always fun to get and a good way to spice things up.

Can’t go wrong with Victoria’s Secret. Or try Adore Me…$25 for your first set. They have super sexy lingerie, bra and panty separate, sleepwear and even swimwear!

Cute Decor

This might be hard for him because of guys general lack of interior design skillz, but if he can pull this off, then good for him. (Guys – find your nearest Home Goods and get to work!)


You can never have to many. Bonus points if he pairs the candles with rose petals, a home cooked meal and bottle of wine.


Pretty Accessories

I wouldn’t normally choose something like this, but I really liked this bag. You can’t really go wrong with an MK clutch. A nice present that you’ll actually use.

Check out Michael Kors Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Lovely Scents

So you can mask the smell of unwashed hair. Or just to smell like a pretty little flower every single day 🙂

Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue is delicious and so is Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.


Call me old school, but I always love getting flowers (except for when the reason is he fucked up). Some girls think flowers are useless and overrated…but maybe she’s just useless and overrated (lol, jk).

Valentine's Day Gift Guide | Gifts for Her | Lifestyle Blog | Basic Brook

To the ladies with no man (or a no-good man) in their lives on Valentine’s Day…

…go out and treat yo’ self to some of these things (or all of them)! You deserve it. Men are overrated anyways. Happy Valentine’s Day to nobody but you!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide | Gifts for Her | Lifestyle Blog | Basic Brook

 What are your favorites Valentine’s Day gifts to get?

Love Always, Brook ❤


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