Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts for Him

Happy February ❤ We all know what that means. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Most likely, our first thought is, I wonder what he’s going to get me? Next, shit…what do I get him? Look no further. I’ve compiled a list of fool-proof gift ideas that he will definitely love.

Man Panties

Ladies, don’t lie… you love buying new panties. Your man might not speak up about it, but there’s a solid chance that he’d be amped on some new underthings, just like you. Plus, he probably hasn’t bought himself new underwear within the last year, which means he actually needs them. Help a brotha out and get him some quality undergarments that will ensure that his panties will not be in a bunch!

Men's Underwear | Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him | Lifestyle Blog | Basic Brook

I’ve heard great things about Tommy John. They’re known for having lightweight, and breathable mens underwear that doesn’t ride up or fall down! Oh, and apparently they have anti-odor properties so his stink-ass will stay fresh for extended hours.

There Valentine’s Day sets (with adorable ❤ heart ❤ socks that you can totally steal for yourself) are currently marked down, for right around $30! Or, if you want to try out their new Air line you can use the promo code bb93720230cfaee6251c907eb7ae for 20% your purchase of full priced items!


As pictured above, Maker’s Mark goes great with man panties. Your man will definitely appreciate a bottle of his go-to liquor, or even a 6pack sampler of craft beer!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

I might be a little whiskey-centric, but I’d also recommend checking out this BuzzFeed article, 21 Amazing Gifts for all Whiskey Lovers, for some more ideas.

Fresh Kicks

Maybe I’ve included this because I’m bias and I want fresh kicks for Valentine’s Day. Forget the roses, give me roshe’s (I’m a 9, plz&thnx).

Valentine's Day Shoes for Him

Oakley Shades

Sunglasses: the male equivalent to sparkly jewelry. Again, I might be totally biased with this suggestion because I am addicted to sunglasses (true life), and I work for Oakley, but I genuinely think this is a great gift! Guys ❤ Oakley, it’s a high quality product, and you can help your man get his T-Pain swag on…

There are a million and one different styles and color combinations, even custom options for some, so I’ve chosen some of the best sellers ranging from lifestyle to sport performance:


You can’t really go wrong (unless he’s vegan, then don’t give him meat). Men LOVE meat – so a nice home cooked meal with some steaks would probably be ideal for him.


Since the only thing to do when deciding on a meal to cook is to look to Pinterest for inspiration, I’ve taken the liberty to do that for you.

Valentine's Day Gift for Him | Lifestyle Blog | Basic Brook

Top Left ❤ Grilled Caprese Filet Mignon
Top Right ❤ Italian Stuffed Flank Steak
Bottom Left ❤ Rosemary & Blue Cheese Steak
Bottom Right ❤ Pepper Crusted Cowboy Ribeye

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Post-meat dessert. I don’t think words are really needed for this one. Just check this one stop bacon shop, or see recipe here.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him | Valentine's Day Gift Guide | Lifestyle Blog | Basic Brook


And by massage, I mean couples massage. Gift for him, gift for you. Everybody wins! This gift is the best kind of indulgence. Sometimes you just need a day of pampering to refresh. Massages can be pricey, so check Groupon for deals in your area.

 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him | Lifestyle Blog | Basic Brook
Another option is a home spa day. You’ll have to put in some elbow grease, but you’ll get more bang for your buck – plus it’s a lot more personal. I was searching some things to include in your home spa day, and my new found skincare BFF OZ Naturals posted about it – check out their suggestions here!

I hope this list has helped you to find the perfect valentine’s day gift, or has at least sparked some items. Guys are hard to shop for, so don’t worry about it. Chances are he will like whatever you get, and if he doesn’t…well you can always break up 😉

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him | V-day Gift Guide | Lifestyle Blog | Basic Brook

Love Always, Brook ❤


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