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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers For Your Man

Making his Christmas extra special is super important (he will remember that shit when he buys your presents next year), so make sure his stocking is stuffed with some of his favorites, or maybe some new things for him to try out!

       Last Minute Stocking Stuffers | Holiday Gift Guide | Christmas Presents | For Him

Help him keep his lucious (or little) mane lookin good. A few drops of beard oil rubbed through can keep it moisturized and soft(er). Of course, this gift is only applicable for men with beards. If your man doesn’t have a beard, then maybe you should start reconsidering this relationship. (JK kinda). If your man’s not rockin the facial hair you could treat him to a razor blade subscription, like Dollar Shave Club. Help his stay freshly shaved all year round, without trips to the store to pick up blades. Plus, it’s cheap!

My boyfriend won’t shut up about how this is the best gift he’s ever received. I got his from Urban Outfitters and he is gives the perfect head massage/scratch. It’s a simple and easy way to treat you man to some relaxing comfort, without breaking the bank. ❤ You could make it a mini massage set and get him one of those vibrating back massagers, too! Remember ladies, gifts work both ways. That massager will feel just as good on your back as it does on his;)

Oakley socks are – He will ❤ LOVE ❤ these! Plus, ladies you should try them yourselves. Best socks for under winter boots! You can get them at any Oakley store, or online. See stores for the Unlock & Reveal offer to receive up to 50% off your purchase! I hit the jackpot when o went to the brand new Oakley outlet at the Tampa Premium Outlets…scored tons of Christmas gifts, and a few nice little things for myself 🙂 Also, since I’m very partial to Oakley, I’d also like to point out their holiday gift guide for presents that go beyond a stocking stuffer!

Something cool to open his favorite brews. Some novelty, some straight up functional. You never know when you’ll need a bottle opener, Sonia convenient to have it under your sandal or in your hat! I personally like the credit card one. It super sleek and you can store it with your ID and credit card. If he’s into expanding his knowledge of craft beer, snag a handy craft beer guide. Remember, this gift is ideal to pair with a hand-picked craft beer six pack.

Nothing like the smell of tobacco and bourbon to make your man feel like a real man. Honestly, ladies…it smells pretty awesome. These are everywhere, but I’d try Etsy for something homemade. This list has some other awesome, manly scent options. If you can’t get him to light your fresh linen or lavender and lilac scented soy, this is a great way to get him more open to freshening the aromatic atmosphere of your place together! Or, maybe his bachelor pad smells like shit. This will help.

His favorite candy, your favorite candy, mini liquor bottles, a coozie, chapstick, car air fresheners, new tooth brush (lame, but awesome). Remember…it’s the little things!

It’s easy to try and stuff the stocking with useless shit, so just make sure it’s stuff he’ll use and you can’t go wrong! Or stuff you can use too, and that’s even better 🙂

What are you stuffing your man’s stocking with?


Love Always, Brook ❤


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