Holiday Movie Night Essentials | Christmas Movies | The Polar Express

Holiday Movie Night Essentials

‘Tis the season to watch Christmas movies! There’s really not much better than curling up in bed, with some fresh flannel sheets, comfy jammies and a big cup of cocoa…or wine;) Add a puppy to snuggle with, and game over. My dog, Jamo, loves movie nights with mommy. When it comes to his holiday movie night essentials the list is simple: His elf costume, a milk bone and a belly rub!

A successful movie night, for myself, relies on a few key factors that you’ll find below in this beautifully crafted checklist from Casper!Holiday Movie Night Essentials | Christmas Movies | Casper Matress

First and foremost, you need a comfy mattress! I mean, the couch works, but for the ultimate level of comfort, you’ll want to get in bed. I’d recommend a memory foam topper under some flannel sheets. Or, if you want to go all out you could try an entire memory foam mattress! As they say, go big or go home.

Next, you need the proper head/neck/back support…in the form a mountain of pillows. If you’re feeling crazy you could even throw a body pillow in the mix. That’s livin.

Third, and one of my favorites, HOLIDAY JAMMIES! Flannel, silk, cotton…I really don’t care as long as it feels like heaven on my skin. Ladies, do yourself a favor, and shave your legs before, because your jammies will be that much more spectacular with smooth legs. If you’re feeling really ritzy you could throw on a robe. I just got this one from VS and LOVE IT.

Next, cookies & cocoa. Can’t go wrong, especially if you’re watching my favorite holiday movie. If you’re into it (and I AM) make hot cocoa, and take a scoop, or 3, of mint chocolate chip ice cream and plop it right into your hot cocoa. It’s. So. Good.

Holiday Movie Night Essentials | Christmas Movies | Polar Express | GIF

Lastly, before the big production, red wine. Yes, cookies and cocoa pair very well with a big ole glass of cabernet. Says who? Me.

Then, the reason why we’re all here…the movie (okay, maybe I’m here for the wine, but that’s besides the point). The Polar Express has got to be my favorite holiday movie, and a definite holiday movie night essential every single year. However, there are definitely other movies that rank pretty high up there for me. Runners up include Elf, Home Alone, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and the versatile holiday flick, A Nightmare Before Christmas. While the list could go on, those are just a few of my favorites.

What better way to take a step back from the busy day to day leading up to Christmas. The shopping, cooking and wrapping can take a serious toll on you. Running around like a crazy person day after day to make sure everything is ready for Christmas is a serious job. You deserve a night of rest and relaxation. Pick a day, prep your holiday movie night essentials and get ready to curl up in bed and relax!

What are your holiday movie night essentials?

Love Always, Brook ❤


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