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Motivation Monday

If you read my Motivation Monday post from a few weeks ago, you’d know that I said I promised myself to start going back to yoga. Well…I did! It feels great: physically and mentally. When I’m having a rough day and my mind is going a million miles a minute, it’s the one thing that helps me take a step back. At class, I can calm my mind, and focus on the present.

All classes are different, but in the last few I went to, gratitude was brought up. Gratitude is often lost in the hustle and bustle of a stressful daily life. We forget the things that really matter, the things we should be thankful for. And sometimes we forget to Β show our gratitude by reciprocating kindness.

When setting my intention for my yoga practices, I’ve been focusing on gratitude, and I plan to continue that. I know personally, I’ve been in a bit of a cold weather slump, and things feel worse than they really are. Gratitude fixes that. It lets you realize life is good.
Motivation Monday | Inspirational Quotes

Motivation Monday | Inspirational QuotesMotivation Monday | Inspirational Quotes


Love Always, Brook ❀


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