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Motivation Monday

If you read my Motivation Monday post from a few weeks ago, you’d know that I said I promised myself to start going back to yoga. Well…I did! It feels great: physically and mentally. When I’m having a rough day and my mind is going a million miles a minute, it’s the one thing that helps me take a step back. At class, I can calm my mind, and focus on the present.

All classes are different, but in the last few I went to, gratitude was brought up. Gratitude is often lost in the hustle and bustle of a stressful daily life. We forget the things that really matter, the things we should be thankful for. And sometimes we forget to  show our gratitude by reciprocating kindness.

When setting my intention for my yoga practices, I’ve been focusing on gratitude, and I plan to continue that. I know personally, I’ve been in a bit of a cold weather slump, and things feel worse than they really are. Gratitude fixes that. It lets you realize life is good.
Motivation Monday | Inspirational Quotes

Motivation Monday | Inspirational QuotesMotivation Monday | Inspirational Quotes


Love Always, Brook ❤


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