DIY Chalkboard Deer Wreath | Holiday Crafts

DIY Chalkboard Deer Wreath

Deer and moose are totally in this season. I’ve seen them all over, but mostly in regards to fashion and home decor.

When I found this deer wreath form at Michael’s, I knew I had to get it. Conveniently, right next to it I found Christmas sequins…SCORE! Then I thought, ohhhhh shiiitttt, I have Christmas green chalkboard spray paint at home. Recipe for DIY greatness.

With all the key elements in hand, I decided to wing it with this one. No pinterest, no blog inspiration…nothin’. Just straight up creative thoughts and skillz. Here’s a rundown:

DIY Chalkboard Deer Wreath | Holiday Crafts

Step One: Acquire Materials & Supplies

DIY Chalkboard Moose Wreath | Holiday CraftsDIY Chalkboard Moose Wreath | Holiday CraftsDIY Chalkboard Moose Wreath | Holiday CraftsDIY Chalkboard Moose Wreath | Holiday Crafts

Step Two: Lay down newspaper & get to sprayin!

Shake first! If you’ve never used the paint before, try to shake for a minute or two before using. If it’s been used before about 30 seconds to a minute should be ample. Hold the spray paint can about 10-15 inches away from the wreath form, and spray fluidly in 10 second increments until fully covered. Shake in between sprays!

DIY Moose Wreath | Holiday Crafts

Step Three: Let dry, apply 2nd coat & let dry again

Let it dry for a little bit..maybe 10 minutes or so, then apply a second coat, using the guidelines above. You’ll then want to let it dry for at least a few hours before step four. Wait until the super pungent spray paint smell dissipates, and it doesn’t smear on your finger if you touch it. With this of spray paint you’ll want to avoid actually using chalk on it for at least 24 hours after painting!! (You won’t see any chalk on it in my post, but I’ll be sure to add a pic to my Instagram when I’ve got it chalked up!!)

DIY Moose Wreath | Holiday Crafts

Step Four: Sequins time!

Lay a paper towel down under the antler section of the wreath. This step can get a little messy with the hot glue. I have a love/hate relationship with hot glue. It’s like one of the most amazing inventions ever and you can do so many things with it, but it’s like the biggest pain in the ass ever. Like when will they make it so hot glue doesn’t drip everywhere you don’t want it to? Oh, and when will they make it so it doesn’t leave spider web looking trails of hot glue string coming off of every surface? WHEN?!? I’ll be waiting.


Before actually gluing, I laid out the sequins to see approximately where I wanted it to go, but instead, rather than laying it out like in the picture below, I started to layer the sequins for maximum surface coverage, and also, maximum sparkles and pretty.


Step Five: Peel off hot glue residue & enjoy your masterpiece

TA-DAAAA! Here’s my cute little deer baby. Can’t wait to chalk it up and hang this bad boy.


This project was super easy, and also really cheap if you get the materials at the right time. I had the chalkboard spray paint already, but when i purchased it, it was in the clearance aisle at Michael’s for $3.99 – and I’ll have it for plenty of other projects! The wreath itself was $6.99, and 50% off when I got it, so I paid about $3.50. The sequins were $1.99, and I used a 40% off coupon, making them $1.20 (and I had lots of leftovers!!) so basically, it’s a $10-$15 project, if you pay full price…but who does that? I basically spent $5 on this if you consider all the leftover materials!! Steal.

 What are your favorite holiday crafts?

Love Always, Brook ❤  


6 thoughts on “DIY Chalkboard Deer Wreath

  1. Brook, I loved the uniqueness of the wreath before you put your magic touch on it, but after you added the paint and bling…PRICELESS! I love it! I’ve been popping over to your IG account, I’m dying to see it all chalked up! LOVE it. Pinning!


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