Men with Beards | No Shave November

No Shave November: 5 Things All Girls Should Know

1. Kiss With Caution

This comes first and foremost. Smoochin’ with a bearded fellow is awesome, however, you need to be careful. Too much stubble on skin can create some serious face chafe. Have you ever thought about what rug burn would like on your lips and face? Make out with a lumberjack for half an hour and you’ll find out.

Brie & Bryan Total Divas | Men with Beards | No Shave November | Movember

2. Moisturize

This goes for yourself and your bearded buddy! Keeping both of your faces moisturized will help with problems associated with kissing, as well as a few others that you wouldn’t even think of. Ladies, tip for your man: Post shower make sure he dries his beard off very well! Water left behind can dry up the skin under his beard causing irritation. So towel dry thoroughly, and then apply moisturizer or beard butter or oil! I hear The Beard King has some pretty good oils. But for moisturizing, ladies (and gents!), try Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Daily Calming Moisturizer. I’ve used that, along with a ton of their other products and really like them!

No Shave November | Movember | Men with Beards

3. Plan Meals Accordingly

Okay, so you don’t have to totally avoid certain foods, but watch out for ice cream, sunny side up eggs, anything saucy and creamy soups or puddings. These will indeed end up in your man’s beard, and chances are he will not notice. If you’re anything like me, purposely eating such foods will be a great opportunity for an embarrassing photo opp.Dos Equis Man | No Shave November | Beards

4. Bring a Brush

Ladies, we all know that it’s nice to have a brush handy just incase shit gets cray up there. You’d be surprised, but guys feel the same way with their quaffed facial masterpieces. Having a little comb handy in your purse says, “Babe, I care about your beard, just as much as you do” and he will love that.

Texas Beard Company | Beard Brush | No Shave November

5. Always Respect the Beard

November creeps to an end, and some of you girls will be thinking finally. But think twice before you make any comments about when the beard will be departing from his face. Your man worked hard for that! He takes pride in his luscious face flow. If he wants to rock it a little longer, let him. It’s like when you want to keep up with your sun-kissed highlights well after summer…if he says a thing about it there will be hell to pay. So please, let him live. Respect the beard.Beard Patience | No Shave November

Happy No Shave November!

Love Always, Brook ❤

Credit:  GiphyKnow Your Meme, Imgur


12 thoughts on “No Shave November: 5 Things All Girls Should Know

  1. Oh my gosh, this just cracked me up! My two sons have observed No Shave November for the last few years. They are 26 and 23. I hate it because they end up looking like Duck Dynasty but they just laugh at me. I’m sending this to one son’s girlfriend. 🙂


  2. Hee, hee! I love this & “for reals” I’m going to put these tips into action. My hubs is doing the “no shave november” so I can’t wait to share this post with him. Great post & thank you for linking up to Small Victories Sunday Linkup!

    Liked by 1 person

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