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Fall Fashion Essentials Pt. 2 | Getting Colder

Depending on where you live, there could definitely be many different phases of fall. Early fall, which is still pretty warm, with maybe a brisk breeze. Mid Fall, pretty leaves, cooler weather, you don’t necessary need a heavy coat. And then end of fall, that might start to feel like winter.

OR… you could live in Syracuse, NY where Fall could fall anytime between August and December – and you shouldn’t be surprised for it to snow one week, and hit 80 degrees the next. (And yes, that basically has happened this year). So while my senses of a “true fall” might be a little out of whack, here’s what I through together for the ideal mid-fall fashion essentials:


I ❤ Flannel. This is one of my favorite wardrobe pieces, maybe ever. Perfect fall fashion staple. They’re cute, cozy – warm but not like too, too warm. They’re just awesome. I have way more than I’d like to admit. My absolutely favorites are actually mens. I have a few from Oakley and while they do fit kind of big at first, I get them in a small and wash them once and they’re basically perfect 🙂

Also check:  Forever21 ||  AE  ||  Zumiez

Bean Boots

These are a great staple piece to have in your wardrobe, particularly if you live somewhere that sees a lot of precipitation. Waterproof and warm – you can’t go wrong.  Bean Boots are kind of like pugs, they’re so ugly that they’re cute somehow. They make you confused, you don’t know why you want them, but you do.

*PSA* Getting actual L.L. Bean Boots can be kind of tough, since they’re always backordered, so you might be wise to check out some alternatives. I got a cheap pair on Poshmark…they’re from Old Navy, but they’re Thinsulate (SO WARM!). Another alternative I’d check out is the Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot. My girl B at Rae by Day has them an absolutely loves them.

Also check:  Sorel  ||  AE  ||  G.H. Bass


Vests are great, in a weird and dorky kind of way. They’re like flare leg or bell bottom jeans. You wore them in elementary school, then they were LAME, and now they’re back! Something about them screams dad at kids soccer game, but w/e. They get the job done, when it’s sort of cold, but not cold enough for a big jacket. I was SO CLOSE to getting rid of one of mine last year, but luckily I held on and have gotten so much use out of it this fall! I’d definitely recommend checking the ones out at Gap – that’s where I got mine. Not super expensive, and it’s wicked warm.

Also check:  Patagonia  ||  Target  ||  North Face
Polyvore Fall Fashion Favorites | Fall Essentials OOTD

How are you keeping warm this fall?

Love Always, Brook ❤


4 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Essentials Pt. 2 | Getting Colder

  1. I love bundling up in sweaters and scarves. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup, these are great stylish pieces. Pinned to our linkup board and hope you found some great posts to visit.


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