Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! Hope everybody had a super spooky Halloween 😉 I sure did. It’s a new week, a new month and it’s got me thinking about the goals I’ve set for myself this year, and things I’ve said I’d do, or keep up with. So today’s Motivation Monday is going to be a little bit different, and a little longer than normal!

I’ve realized I kind of let things in my life get in to the way of what I wanted to accomplish. I’m making a pact with myself that it stops now! So I’m going to pick 3 things that I’ve kind of let go and stick to them for the rest of the year and beyond.

Yoga Practice

I’ve definitely let the go to the wayside in the past few months. While I practice at home, I feel like I don’t get as much out of it as I do from a guided practice. This month, I’m going back to O Yoga Studio and I’m going to continue my yoga practice as much as I can! Sometimes it feels like a huge time commitment (because realistically, I become obsessed and want to go everyday!) but this is something I need to make time for. There are so many benefits physically, mentally and spiritually. I really need something like this, especially during the holidays to keep me keep relaxed during the holidays! Plus, savasana in a big dark, candle lit room thats super warm is way better than in my bedroom 🙂

Healthy Eating

This one is probably the hardest, because I JUST LOVE FOOD. I love eating. I’m not picky. Everything sounds so good all of the time. And have I mentioned at work there are unlimited delicious snacks, and people are constantly bringing in treats. There are great restaurants all around, so at lunch time the possibilities are endless. I need to chill. That means, something at least semi-healthy brought from home, every day – except Friday! Friday will be my one cheat day. For breakfast, as much as I hate to say it…I think I need to limit my Chobani Flips. They’re just so good, but really they’re pretty high in calories, and packed with sugar and sweets. My limit will be one per week. For dinner I’d really like to focus on keeping carbs at a minimum. Keep my plate packed with lean proteins, colorful veggies and nutrient dense carbs (hello sweet potato!).

Stupid Spending

True life: I’m addicted to Target. It’s real life, guys. I literally love Target so much. I go there multiple times a week, sometimes I go just because I need a pick-me-up and it makes me happy. Sad, sad truth. This unfortunately results in lots of stupid spending. Shit I DO NOT need!! So from here on out, unless it is TOTALLY necessary, I will not buy it. Basically, food, household necessities and Christmas gifts will be all. Maybe a few clothing items because how can I not? But that doesn’t mean a new winter wardrobe!! Plus, Santa might bring me some nice presents this year. I think I’m on the nice list 🙂
Motivation Monday | Motivational Quotes

Motivation Monday | Motivational Quotes

Motivation Monday | Motivational Quotes

^^Props to StyleCaster for this inspiration!

So this has been a longer Motivation Monday post than normal, but much needed. Sometimes you need to take a step back and realize where you stand with your goals. Writing them down is key, because it makes it easier for you to hold yourself accountable. The three I listed, while difficult, will result in so much more happiness for myself (Okay, so I’m still convincing myself on the healthy food one…)! At years end, I’ll see where I stand, and hopefully will be proud of my results, and ready to take on 2016 continuing with those habits!

What are your focuses for the end of 2015?

Love Always, Brook ❤


6 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing at the party & great to meet you. First off I love sweet potatoes and Target. My teen pushes me away from the $1. section, lol. But, wait there is craft stuff in there! And you might find me picking up too many clearance items on occasion. I have to admit, epic fails at Yoga. I am a quote junkie you should see my “words” board! I’ll have to pin at least one of these. 😉 Hope to see you again soon.


    • Hiii! Thanks so much for checking out my post…glad you could relate 😉 Doesn’t the One Spot $1 section just suck you in??! LOVE when they mark items down in there up to 70% off…that’s when I can’t help but stock up on cute seasonal things 🙂 I will definitely check out your words board…I’m always looking for new sources of inspiration!! ❤


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