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5 Fall Things Every Basic Bitch Loves But Won’t Admit

No Shave November

No, I don’t mean beards. I mean legs. Ladies, put down the Venus. It’s almost No Shave November. You know you love fall, because you don’t need to shave so frequently. With legs covered to endure colder weather, you can get away with skipping a step in your typical shower routine.

ecard |no shave winter

Beard Season

Okay, now I mean beards. Of course lots of ladies are openly beard friendly, but some girls keep this front up like they don’t appreciate a man with some extra stubble. Just stop. Admit it. You love beards, for more reasons you’d like to vocalize and you are totally stoked on the idea of a bunch of burley mountain men walking around in their flannels. I think the term has been coined “Lumbersexual
Basic Bitches Love | Lumbersexual

Sleep Weather

Alright, reasonable. It’s nice to sleep in cooler weather. But what basic bitches won’t come out and say is that they’re tired of waking up dripping sweat. Yeah, it’s kinda gross, but it’s very, very real. Shower before you go to sleep, wake up needing another shower. Not a good look, particularly if you’re still in the “honeymoon phase” with somebody and want them to think you wake up looking like a beauty pageant doll.
i woke up like this | flawless | beyonce

Sweatpant Attire

Yoga pants are cool and all… but ya know what’s really cool? Sweatpants. They give you everything you need in the winter. Warmth. Comfort. Room for stuff. There’s nothing like throwing on some big ass sweatpants and a baggy tee or hoodie and just lounging. But what girl wants to be known for that? Every basic bitch, and just about any other female out there but like to be thought of for their tight yoga pant tush, compared to droopy diaper sweatpant ass any day.

Mean Girls | Regina George | Sweatpants

Oh wait, and don’t forget…this means men in sweatpants, too!

Extra Insulation

It gets like really cold in the winter. So it’s like totally normal to put on 5…15 pounds of winter weight. Just to keep warm… Okay, or because I get to wear sweatpants, and on the reg, so “fitting” into things isn’t as much of a concern as normal. Many of us ladies (and men!!!) fall victim to this thought process. Our response, “Don’t worry I’ll get my bikini body back when it’s warm!”. Yeah….okay….

winter weight gain memeWhat’s your fall guilty pleasure?

Love Always, Brook ❤

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