Motivation Monday | Inspiring Quotes

Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! 🙂 5 days till Halloween WOOOO!!! It’s my favorite holiday and I cannot wait to get dressed up as a vamp (aka wear all black, like I normally do). The real “costume” is the accessories and makeup. Blood everywhere, fangs, red eyes. It’s going to be real good.

On a motivational note, since it issss Motivaton Monday, I thought I’d share a voicemail I found. Since my grandpa passed away, I’ve been feeling really nostalgic, looking through old pictures, reading old cards and letters, and even re-listening to old voice mails. Not sure how I still had this one since it was circa 2013, but I found one from my Grandpa from right after I graduated college. He was always so so proud and let me know that. It didn’t hurt that I want to his alma mater, where he was in the second graduating class! Anywhoooo – he left me a voicemail telling me how he was so proud of me for graduating, and immediately being on the hunt for jobs. I had a really great job throughout college, so I was very lucky, but what I think he was the most proud about was my lack of ability to be complacent in what I was doing. Even if I ended up staying there, I wanted to look at the other opportunities out there. He said “Find something that you LOVE to do. That’s the most important”. He was so right. If you’re not doing something that you love, or can at least love most of the time, then you need to reevaluate. No point in wasting time being unhappy with a job…always shoot for something that brings happiness to your life. Thanks, Grandpa ❤

Motivation Monday | Inspiring Quotes Motivation Monday | Inspiring QuotesMotivation Monday | Inspiring Quotes

Love Always, Brook ❤


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