DIY Burlap Wreath

DIY Burlap Wreath

With fall in the air (and snow, ugh), I felt like it was the perfect time to try making a fall wreath! I’d hear that wreaths can be harder to make then they might seem, and also somewhat costly. My goal was simple & low cost – and I’d say it was a success! Here’s what I used and how I did it:

Materials & Costs:

-Foam Circle – $1 @ Dollar Store ⇒ 50¢ since I cut it in half!
-Burlap –  $4.99/pack @ Michael’s ⇒ bought 2, 50% off plus additional 20% off = approx. $4 for both packs!
-Fall Foliage – $6.99 @ Michael’s ⇒ 60% off plus additional 20% off = approx. $2.30
-Canvas Letter – 99¢ @ Michael’s ⇒ 20% off = 80¢
-Acrylic Paint – already had (from Michael’s, approx. $1.50)
-Hot Glue – already had

As far as costs goes, this could have added up a lot quicker, but the trick is to make sure you use coupons. There’s ALWAYS a 40% off one full priced item coupon for Michael’s online, in the paper, or through their app. Also, keep your eyes open for the 20% your entire purchase coupons (these count toward sale/clearance items too!). I’d say the cost of materials I actually used would be about $3-4 YAY!


1. Paint the letter so it has some time to dry.
2. Cut your foam circle in half, if you’d like to be able to make two! This also helps it sit flat against whatever surface you hang it on.
3. Cut enough burlap to cover foam (approx. 3 feet).
4. Use hot clue on foam and begin a cycle of gluing and wrapping. I folded the burlap in half the long way (hot dog way!) to create more texture. This part doesn’t have to be perfect! In fact, I think it looks better when it is not meticulously measured and folded.
5. Cut pieces from the plastic fall foliage, leaving exposed wire where it is cut.
6. Poke holes into burlap and foam with scissors.
7. Put dot of hot glue on holes.
8. Insert fall foliage pieces!
9. Hot glue down leaves where necessary.
10. Hot glue letter and any additional leaves, etc.

Voila! The Final Masterpiece!

This was super easy, quick and had very low costs (with extra materials left over!!). And while my step by step process and pictures probably aren’t the MOST helpful, I hope that it at least encourages you to just go for it, and try to do it your own way – just using tops from myself, and others! I mean, if I can make something half way decent you definitely can too!! 🙂

What are you favorite fall DIY projects?

Love Always, Brook ❤


5 thoughts on “DIY Burlap Wreath

  1. I love burlap and you did a great job! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. I’m sure it’s not intentional, but I’m not seeing a link back to the party.


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