You Are Loved | Bible Verse

Motivation Monday

This past weekend has been a really tough one. My Grandpa passed away on Thursday night, and services are this week. He was such an amazing man. We shared a love for Jeopardy and you could always find him playing show tunes on the piano. He was a great pianist. He’s with his true love now, watching down on their family.
You can never fully prepare yourself for the loss of a loved one. I wish that I could see him one last time…hear his voice, see his smile, give him a big a hug. If you’re lucky enough to still have your grandparents around, remember to spend some extra time with them. Life is busy, but you’re never too busy to set aside some time to see them, or even just call them. While I was able to spend lots of time with my Grandpa, I still wish I set aside an extra Sunday to go to church with him. You might be busy, but the time you can spend with the people you love is really priceless.

❤ Rest in Peace, Grandpa.


Love Always, Brook ❤


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