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Friday Five

Obsessed with…

Ponchos. The oversized sweaters, awesome big sis. Ridiculously loose, long and flowy. Having a fat day? This is what you want. Pair with leggings, riding boots and for maximum comfort a big scarf. I got mine from Marshall’s and absolutely love it. Here are two similar options from Forever21 and American Eagle:

Poncho | Forever21 | Fall Fashion Essentials

American Eagle | Poncho | Fall Fashion Favorites | Fall Essentials


Apple Sangria. I love Sangria. Red or white. Winter, Spring,  Summer or Fall. Rain or Shine. I can always go for a delicious, fruity glass of sangria. Here are some Apple Sangria Fall Favorites:

Honey Crisp Apple Sangria | Fall Recipes
Sally’s Baking Addiction
A Night Owl Blog
Honey Crisp Apple Sangria | Fall Recipes | Fall Favorites
A. Liz Adventures

Looking Forward to…

Green Beer Sunday. Yeah, it might be months away…in the dreary cold, and disgusting month of February in CNY, but I can’t wait! It’s a long awaited Sunday full of drunken debauchery at Coleman’s on Tipperary Hill. (It also happens to fall right around or on my b-day every year!) The green beer truck comes to town, and we commence in celebrating beer and the countdown until St. Patrick’s Day!Green Beer Sunday | Beer Truck | Coleman's | Irish Pub |Tipp HillIf you plan on celebrating Green Beer Sunday at Coleman’s, expect to see Green Beer Brent. This notorious character turns from an innocent marketing professional, to a beer guzzling barbarian once a year, in celebration of this glorious green day.

Green Beer Sunday | Green Beer Brent

Currently Reading…

Currently Reading | Personal Finance Blog

Making Sense of Cents. A personal finance blog that touches on personal finance, budgeting tips, managing and paying off debt, & making extra income. All of which, are things that become VERY real during post-grad life. The student loan struggle is real. This blogs been super helpful in learning ways to manage student loan debt, and make extra side income.

GIF of the Week…

New Girl GIF | Zooey Deschanel
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New Girl. Because Zooey Deschanel is life.

Love Always, Brook ❤


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