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Fall Bucket List – Happy Autumnal Equinox!

It’s official. Happy Fall y’all! I’ve said it once, and I’ll probably say it +/-20 more times this year, but summer came and went so quickly. I will miss it dearly, however, I’m pretty stoked on the few glorious weeks of fall that we have before winter shits on our lives with snow, wind and freezing cold temperatures. Fall is that bit of relief we all need after the dog days of summer. During that brief period, there’s an essential list of must-do’s you want to be sure to check off the bucket list!

Apple Picking

If you’re from Syracuse, you totally understand that fall=apples. Going apple picking is a traditional must. Aside from just picking apples, it’s crucial to indulge in apple baked goods (pie, cobbler, dumplings, donuts, etc).

apple picking

Another favorite apple treat of mine is hard cider. It’s like my childhood apple juice sippy cup just got a helluva lot cooler. There are so many different varieties, so taste test them all! My favorite spot to go is Beak & Skiff…or more specifically, their 1911 Tasting Room. Beak & Skiff is an amazing place to really get the whole apple experience. Not only can you pick apples, and eat apply everything, but you can head over to the 1911 Tasting Room or Tavern and sample about 7 speciality hard ciders, 2 apple wines and apple distilled vodka and gin! Perfect daytime date, fun girl’s day out or even a family outingBeak & Skiff | Hard Cider

Pumpkin Carving
Jack O'Lantern

Some would think that after a certain age you’d lose interest in carving pumpkins, but personally, I think I’ve actually learned to love it even more as I get older! Something about it never gets old. Pop on some Uggs and a North Face, search endless rows of pumpkins to find the perfect (lop-sided) beauty…take it home (get dirt all over your car)…& carve it (get seeds & pumpkin gook everywhere)! It’s freaking great. My recommendation would be to do this after doing a cider tasting 🙂
drunk jack o'lantern | pumpkin carving

Enjoy Fall Foliage

Take a hike (literally) or even just a walk somewhere. GET OUTSIDE WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Before you know if the shitstorm begins and going outside will not be a pleasant option. Whether it’s hiking trails and mountains in the Adirondacks, or watching your dad rake leaves, or somewhere in between: Just Do It.fall foliagefall foliage


Buffalo Bills FootballBuffalo Bills Football

Whether you actually enjoy watching football, or if you’re just in it for the food and tailgate parties, football is something that you’d be silly not to get into! Cheer your team on (or your man’s team, or the team with the cutest butt’s), and eat your body weight in chicken wing dip – then wash it down with some cold beers! It’s a good day. Just make sure you’re done semi-early so you can start combating your premature hangover.

Tony Romo | Dallas Cowboys


Tony Romo | Dallas Cowboys

Halloween Things

This. Is. My. FAVORITE. I’m going to keep this section short, because I could realistically go on for…ever…. about how much I love Halloween, and all of the Halloween activities, or even rituals (lol jk kinda not really) that I like to participate in. I’d say two of my favorite things are decorating and dressing my pup. You really can never have too many Halloween decorations! Rather than buying me any presents for my (February) birthday, my mom takes me Halloween decoration shopping. Weird? Maybe. Do I care? No.

Halloween Decorations

In regards to dressing my dog up…the level of cuteness is unreal. Plus, he LOVES it. He gets excited when I talk about his outfits, and he enjoys showing them off. So don’t give me shit how dogs shouldn’t be dressed up. LET HIM LIVE.Fall Foliage | Dog Halloween Costume

Wine Tasting

Local Wine | White Wine | Wine TastingThis is one of those activities that is absolutely NOT limited to fall, but there’s something extra special about doing it in the fall. Wine is amazing during the winter, spring and summer, but autumn seems to be an ideal time to go on wine tastings and tours! Being from Upstate NY, I’m spoiled in that I have so many lakes that are known for their wineries. Even if you don’t have any close by, stop by a liquor store, pick up a variety of bottles and have your own at home tasting with friends! PS. Cheese is also required.


What’s on your fall bucket list?

Love Always, Brook ❤


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