Motivation Monday

Sometimes Monday are hard, and sometimes they’re downright awful. Usually though, that means they’re following a rough Sunday. If you’ve been following my motivation Monday’s, you’d know that I’ve had a few pretty rough weeks, and today is no different. BUT, when times are tough and shit hits the fan it means you can sit around and cry and wonder why? Or you can kick Monday’s ass and move on with your life. Have faith that things happen for a reason, and everything will work itself out. It sounds cliche but if somethings meant to be, it will be. For me, today kinda feels like the world crumbling, but really, I know that I have so much to be thankful for, and so many opportunities to be happy. Shit happens, and you get through it. (Although, I will probably cry and eat lots of chocolate to make it feel better). Any-who, here’s some motivation for your Monday, regardless of how amazing or shitty it has started off 🙂





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