Sometimes Monday’s are hard.

My posting doesn’t really have a set schedule, except for Mondays! I also post Motivation Monday, but this Monday was just hard. I’m not ready to get into detail about what’s going on because I’m not sure if I’ve even wrapped my head around some things. In a nutshell…there’s a shitstorm of change happening in all aspects of my life. Now, I don’t mean shitstorm as in everything is bad – it’s just a lot going on, a lot changing, minimal things that I have any control over. Basically, I have to sit back for now and see how things pan out, and decide what my next move is going forward. There are certain things though, based on all of this change, that I do have the power to change, but I’m honestly kind of scared to.

Because my Monday was just freaking hard, I’m in desperate need of a Motivation Tuesday. Seriously needing some positive reinforcement




All positive vibes welcome!

Love Always, Brook ❤


3 thoughts on “Sometimes Monday’s are hard.

  1. Hi!! My post is somewhat similar, So I’d like to think. I’m a newbee in this blogging world and am always open to criticism or any sort of discussion. I’d be glad if you could spare a min or two and read my blog!


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