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Fall Fashion Essentials Pt. 1 [[Summer to Fall]]

Summer is slowly, but surely fading away. Goodbye hot, steamy days where cut off jean shorts and a bikini top and tank were the perfect outfit.I will miss you dearly, Summertime. Sunshine, green grass and flowers turn to crunchy, orange leaves and a crisp, cool breeze. It also means, time to transition your wardrobe.

I have to say, I do really love fall fashion. I like being able to mix in pieces from my summer wardrobe, with all the cozy items I’ve had tucked away in storage. The best part of fall, is when it’s just cool enough that you can cover up and be comfy, but also not have to worry about putting on 100 layers in order to not get hypothermia. If you are from upstate NY, you know that’s not an exaggeration.

It’s undeniable, there is something exciting about fall fashion. Maybe it’s the chance to finally cover up the extra lbs from all the cold summer beers and hot dogs? IDK, but either way – it’s a nice change 🙂 Here’s a list of some of the top items from your Summer wardrobe to carry over into your Fall wardrobe!



1. Booties

Booties MUST be first. There’s not much that I love more than a good pair of booties. Whether they’re flat or healed, wedge or chunky… I just freaking love them. Lately, my favorite spot to score booties has been Target. I got super lucky, and bought a pair there in a brown color, then days later, found the same ones in black on Poshmark…for $10…hell fuckin yeah.

I’d also highly recommend TOMS Boots – not only are they super stylish, they’re ridiculously comfortable, moderately priced and buying them helps out children in need. For every pair that’s bought, they’ll donate a pair! My boyfriend got me a pair from Zumiez, for an early fall outdoor wedding that we were going to, and they were amazing. I brought flats, but never ended up putting them on – I danced in my TOMS wedges all night (tan wedges pictured above!).

2. Sneakers

If you can’t tell, I’m pretty keen on comfort. Nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable shoes, so over the years, I’ve found that my old school kicks have been great pieces to dress down a cute outfit. I know that Converse are “all the rage” right now, but I am team Vans fo lyfeeee. Either way, simple sneakers are a perfect staple piece to have in your transitioning wardrobe. They’re a great casual option for when you have to start covering your feet up! Find a style you like, and then stock up on the perfect color selections: I’d recommend black and white basic pairs, and make a maroon color for fall!

3. Light Scarves

You really can’t go wrong adding a light scarf to a fall outfit! I’m basic AF so typically I choose a light black cotton on (and a crocheted black one once it gets colder), but really, scarves are a great option to add a small pop of color or pattern to a neutral fall outfit!

4. Wool Hats

SoOooOoOo blogger-esque. Also, not really my style, but for those of you who have the perfect shaped head, and can rock shit like this – you go, girl! (I’m looking at you Sierra!) Great piece to keep in your fall wardrobe, post-summer sunshine!

5. Sunglasses

My obsession. Having worked for Oakley for 4 1/2 years, I am ridiculously obsessed with sunglasses. I’d say I have way too many, but really, you can never have enough! I prefer aviators, or larger wayfarers. I would recommend the Oakley Caveat! They come in some great colors and they are medium sized. Bigger face? Try the Daisy Chain or Kickback. Smaller face? Try the Feedback or Given. I endorse them 100%


1. Kimonos

Perfect alternative for a classic cardigan. Usually a little lighter, nice and flowy, perfect with leggings and some booties! They look awesome in floral prints, so you can add a little pattern to your outfit! My boo Rae By Day rocks these!!

2. Graphic Tanks

Graphic tank (and tee’s for that matter) can definitely be abused. No not be that asshole with graphic prints of obnoxious statements, or in neon Jersey Shore colors. Just don’t. If you’re going to do graphic tanks, keep it simple. Neutral colors. Short but sweet messages. Nobody likes the asshole in the neon green shirt that says “fuck bitches, get money”.

3. Long Sleeved Crop Tops

These take some #SelfLove. Unless your super skinny, then it’s showing off (or maybe I’m just bitter). But either way, a long sleeved crop is a nice way to show a little skin and cover up at the same damn time. Try pairing with high waist bottoms to minimize a shit ton of belly showing!


1. Maxi Skirts

Summer staple that you most desperately do not want to get rid of. Welpppp, you’re in luck. Maxi’s are great for fall too. It gets a little trickier when pairing shoes (and if you have any tips in that department please advise). I think maxi’s look fabulous in the fall with long sleeved shirts, kimonos, cardigans and jean jackets!

2. Ripped Jeans

They were in, then they were out, now they’re back!! I’m so happy I held onto a few pairs I bought years ago. You can, obviously dress them down, but you can also dress them up. Dark ripped skinnies with a white blazer and silky tank…yes please. Ripped jeans say: It’s cold enough for me to be wearing actual pants, but warm enough for them to not cover my whole leg. I give ripped jeans two thumbs up.

3. Midi Skirts

Last but not least, midi skirts. Also, making a comeback this season – people love midi skirts. All over I’m seeing the a-line midi’s which I’d love to try, but not sure if I could pull off. However, I would totally rock the shit out of a fitted leather midi skirt. Super badass. You could wear it for a night out, on a date or even in the office (paired with some more toned down pieces). Getting a little too cold? Add tights. Easy-peazy.

As much as you’d like to cry because summer is coming to an end, but a smile on, because it’s time to start transitioning your wardrobe to the pieces that you’ve been dying to wear since last fall. TRUST ME – I’d love summer to stay as much as the next beach haired blonde who loves her cut off jean shorts and bikini tops – BUT, enjoy what you can of the cooler season…because it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

What are your favorite summer to fall fashion essentials?

Love Always, Brook ❤



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