Motivation Monday

Happy Monday Friends!! I need a serious pick me up today. Just to get an idea of my day yesterday 1 of a million things to go wrong was that I went to Moe’s, got a burrito, chips and guac then walked out into the parking lot, only for my food to rip through the bottom of the bag and go all over the parking lot. Rough day.

BUT, it’s a new day & a new week. Time to get positive and think about why it is that this week is going to kick ass. 1st, I’m starting it with coffee flavored greek yogurt. Holy shit, yes. Thanks, Chobani! I also brought my little lemongrass plant for my desk today. Something about having some fresh plants on my desk really get’s me going!

Another thing to look forward to – Cole Swindell, FO FREE, at the fair tonight! Going to drink some wine slushies (bucket list yo) and jam to country. Can’t go wrong.

Strong Coffee, Short Monday  Chobani Greek Yogurt

How do you guys get your week started?!?

Love Always, Brook ❤


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