End of Summer Bucket List

For so many months we wait, and long for summer. If you’re from upstate New York, you know just how freaking long that wait is. You wait, then it’s 80 for a day in March and you’re like “HOLY SHIT” then it’s a blizzard the next day, literally. Then it rains, then it’s awkwardly mild. It circulates that weird pattern for about 4-6 months, then the glorious summer begins.

Before summer, you always build up anticipation, and think all of the shit you want to do. Lists upon lists of summer things that you cannot even wait for. Then you don’t do 75% of it, and bitch about the heat (but really not me, I’m apparently a freak and love the heat). Regardless, I did not do everything that I wanted to this summer. It’s not over yet, so I want to make sure I knock a few things of the list.

1. Camp in the Adirondacks

I haven’t been to the Adirondacks in years! It’s really close by, so I don’t know why I haven’t been in so long. It’s beautiful…see for yourself.

Adirondacks ADK Adirondacks ADK

2. Visit Philly

My best friend moved to Philly almost a year ago, and I still have not visited her #badfriend I’ve been meaning to go down, but shit always comes up, and she has had a tricky retail schedule. But no excuses…this will happen before October!

BFF Best Friends

3. Have a Bonfire

Bonfire’s fucking rock. There’s nothing like sitting by a fire, drinking some beer (or wine) toasting some marshmallows for s’mores, and hanging with good people. What makes it even better is when the fires at my parents, out on a farm, and the cows are hanging out too.


4. Go to a Syracuse Chiefs Game

$1 Thursdays HELLLLLLOOOO. $1 tickets, $1 beers, $ hotdogs (my fav. part). Can’t beat it…except for the fact that it takes 3 innings to get all that because it’s PACKED. But either way, gotta love ball games, beers and hotdogssss ❤

Syracuse Chiefs


5. The Great New York State Fair

Ugh. The love/hate relationship with the NYS fair when you grow up in ‘Cuse. The struggle is real. It brings some creatures out of the woodwork, FOR SURE. It’s also usually hot and sticky and packed and semi-smelly. BUT…great people watching, awesomely horrible food & there year there’s going to be a shit ton of great free shows. Here is my subset bucket list specifically for the fair:

-Wine & Moonshine Slushies

-Deep Fried EVERYTHING (Cookie dough, oreos & snickers plz)

-$1 Baked Potato…can’t go wrong

-Chocolate Milk from the Dairy Building

-Fried Dough

-Corn on the Cob

Hot Beef Sundae

Free Music (Cole Swindell, Joe Nichols, Jason Derulo, Steve Miller Band)

The Great New York State Fair NYSF



^^He will be there

There are lots of other things that I would love to do as this summer wraps up, but that’s my top 5 of attainable adventures. After that, I’ll begin my countdown till HALLOWEEN ❤ ❤ ❤

Love Always, Brook ❤


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