Red Wine & Red Sauce

I’ve never been the best cook in the game, by any means. I’d say I range from mediocre to average, but I’m TRYING to become a domestic goddess. So, when presented with a rather large quantity of tomatoes that needed to be used, I decided I’d attempt homemade red sauce.

Step 1: Google “How to make tomato sauce”

Uhhhhh…gotta start somewhere. I suggest using the google machine!

Step 2: Verify with recipe found on Pinterest

But don’t get crazy until you check Pinterest, also. If some fabulous food blogger pinned it, it’s gotta be legit…right?

Step 3: Compare to on-hand ingredients

Ugh. I am NOT going to the grocery store. No tomato paste… shit. No onion…shit.

Step 4: Google “What the hell is blanching”

Wait a second, pack to step 2 and 3. WTF is blanching?! Okay. That’s kinda weird, but I’ll give it a try. There’s a first time for everything. Can’t be too hard, right?

Step 5: Improvise

Oh yeah, back to the ingredients. Well…I have garlic, Italian seasoning, basil, olive oil. Tomato paste…what can I sub for tomato paste? Let’s try tomato soup mix.

Step 6: Just do it.

Doing it. Blanch those tomatoes, mush it all up, press some garlic, throw in some basic and shit. BAM!

emril lagasse

Step 7: Pour (another) glass of wine, & enjoy!

Normally, at the liquor store I peruse around for a bit, checking out all sorts of wines. Typically ending up with at some kind of red, usually Cabernet or Malbec. Sometimes I’ll opt for a delicious red blend, like Ménage à Trois (FAV!). Every once in a while I’ll also grab a sweeter white wine – just in case. However, with this recent visit, there was no perusing. I walked in and there was a Rex Goliath promo!

First of all, the girls doing it were super sweet. Knowledgable of the brand. Very polite. Good salespeople, which I can respect. Second, they were printing custom wine bottle labels with your picture…HOW AWESOME?! I got to be on a wine bottle, holding a wine bottle, in a wine glass! This was cool. Cheesy, but it got me to buy a couple bottles. Plus, it’s very inexpensive – right around $6 for a 750mL bottle, and about $10 for a liter. Done deal.

 Back to the sauce…

To keep it simple, I was hangry. I could not wait overnight for it to sit and cook and shit. I needed to eat it. All I needed was for it to be lukewarm. Sooooo it wasn’t necessarily the best it could have been, but I will say it was good! Super rich and fresh tomato taste – although the texture could have been saucier. Also, definitely could have used some onion. The green peppers and garlic were delish though. Now that I’ve done it once, I’m ready to try again. Hopefully with more time to wait, and all of the proper ingredients…and more wine!

What’s the hardest (or easiest, so I can attempt it) thing you’ve made from scratch?

Love Always, Brook<3


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