What I Wore Wednesday

Today was seasonably chilly…barely 70, which means I’m cold. I decided to break out a dress that I LOVE but it’s more suited for fall/winter, since it’s sweater-ish material. It’s cream with some black and grey stripes on the arms. This dress has got a cool story behind it.

I saw it on the Zumiez website late last summer and showed Big Red (BTW he works for Zumiez). Then Christmas morning rolled around and I opened up the box and there was the dress! I was so excited. In order to get this he checked all of his stores…none. So he checked the rest of the stores in the company…none. Then he checked their online stock, warehouse, under the bed, everywhere and none! Soooo he got in touch with one of Zumiez buyers and got them to special order one directly from Obey! To make things more interesting they shipped it to a store in Philly, where he used to work, so it then had to be shipped up to Syracuse. Now it’s mine, thanks babe!  That’s the outfit, in pieces. The man was out of town, and no selfie stick so I had to attempt pics on my own…rough life. Oh, and I just got those boots from Target (20% off+5% for using my RedCard!). I wore them for the first time today and lasted almost 12 hours in them, and my feet feel great! It’s a 4 inch heel but the 1 inch front platform helps a lot. These booties are amazing!

And of course the outfit was tipped off with my staple piece…Oakley Aviators!

Get My Look:

Women’s Obey Dresses at Zumiez
My Target Booties
Oakley Caveat – Gold with Jade Iridium

Love Always, Brook<3


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