8 Photos of Happiness Tag

I was just nominated by raebyday for the Ariels Little Corner of the Internet’s 8 Photos of Happiness Tag! I immediately thought of a million pics that make me happy, so it was hard to narrow it down. I ended up with these ones, but I will say, there are many more I could definitely add!

My puppy, Jameson. He makes my heart melt with his smile, and never fails to put a smile on my own face.

My boyfriend, Paul. He also makes my heart melt. We’ve been through a roller coaster of a ride, but he’s always got my back.

My friends. Amber, is my best friend. She’s always there no matter what time of day to pick me up, mentally or physically 🙂

My loves, Angela & Jack. Angela has been my BFF since nam, and Jack is her bundle of joy, who I love with my whole ❤
My family. My baby brother, Eric…not such a baby anymore but I’ll always try to take care of him & I know he’ll always take care of me.

My big sis, Sheena. She’s wild and crazy, and we laugh our asses off until we cry or pee our pants. She’s also an amazing mother and an inspiring person.

My parents are my rocks. My mom and me fight like sisters, but I always know she’s has the best intentions. My dad is a superhero. He does it all, and truly works his ass off to provide for his family. I’m a total daddy’s little girl/princess.

My nephews & neice: AJ, Alejandro, Cristiano & Catalaya. My wittle babies. I love them like my own, and miss them everyday that they’re not here in NY. They bring me a world of joy, and laughter and sometimes headaches, but I wouldn’t change that for anything at all.

Lastly, water – I thought I’d include one non-human picture. I can’t pick one place that makes me feel the happiest, but I know it’s somewhere on a body of water. Whether it’s an ocean, lake, pond, or stream – that’s where I want to be.

Now it’s your turn Music Creates Us, Sort and Scrub2 Classy Sisters – let’s see your happiest pics!!

Love Always, Brook ❤


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