Free Drink Friday: Thin Mint Frappuccino

Today is Free Drink Friday. Ladies, whether you’re out batting your eyelashes at Happy Hour for a vodka soda, or maybe just using your Coffee-Addict perks, you know what I mean.

For me, Free Drink Friday happens at least every other Friday and it’s the glorious moment when I can redeem my 12 Drink Stars for a free beverage of my choice at Starbucks! It’s always something absolutely ridiculous. More info will come about Free Drink Friday, and my Starbucks addiction this Sunday. In the meantime, check out my delicious {{free}} drink this week. 


1. It looks like guac juice and.

2. $8.91, on my dime? Hell no. Thanks Starbucks!

3. This drink brings me back to a few different times in my life. First, to (forcibly) being in Girl Scouts. Next, to being in college and drinking gallons of Dirty Girl Scout shots on any given weekend. Next, to being post-grad, missing DGS shots and gorging on girl scout cookies for as long as they stay stocked from my yearly purchase. If you want to try the drink out yourself, here’s the deets…

I made a few substitutions: venti with only two pumps of syrups, added 2 espresso shots and I substituted soy milk and opted for to whipped cream! #lactoseprobs

If you’re interested in learning more about the hidden and unknown treasures of Starbucks, check out the Starbucks Secret Menu! You’ll never get bored with the endless possibilities, and your basic iced coffee will have never looked for basic before.

Happy Friday!

Love Always, Brook ❤


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