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Is Double Denim Still Cool?

Denim is definitely one of those things that comes and goes. Styles change. One day it’s popular the next minute you’re the loser wearing bell bottoms. Lately it seems like everybody and their mother has been into wearing denim on the bottom AND the top. I’ve struggled to decide exactly how it makes me feel, but how about you think for a second while you take in some lovely double denim pics.

 Bey did it. Riri did it. Even Ashton did it it

But really, who in this day and age owns the double denim trend? If somebody got a nickel for every chambray/ripped Jean combo out there, who really deserves it?  Jennifer Lopez. JLo. Jenny from the block. Can I get an amen for the queen of denim? She has owned this since I can remember, along with rhinestone bandana headbands. I don’t know whether I’m impressed or proud, but either way… Get it gurl.

Anyway, this morning I got up for work, checked the weather…seasonably chilly…and I thought to myself, I’ll wear jeans today. When choosing a top, I grabbed a plain tee…eh, boring. Then I grabbed a long sleeve…too warm. Then I saw my sleeveless chambray button up…risky. I’ve never attempted a double denim outfit, unless you count tossing my jean jacket on with a pair of jeans while I’m outside. I almost put it away, but then I said fuck it. I am wearing a full denim outfit today. If that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.  At the end of the day I threw on this lovely green Aztec cardigan…but majority of the day, nothin but denim. I got so many compliments!  (Except from Stevey D…1st official shoutdown!)

Overall, I am happy with my decision to try something new. 9 times out of 10 when I try something new and risky I end up looking homeless, drunk or unemployed…but this time it worked. Cheers to JLo!


7 thoughts on “Is Double Denim Still Cool?

  1. I really like denim on denim and it looks so good on you! I personally prefer when the two are different tones (like you did), it makes it more wearable and appealing ❤


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